Monday, May 27, 2013

Let's Roll.


This will probably end poorly.

This isn't my first blog. Or rather, this isn't my first ATTEMPT at a blog. Then again, who HASN'T attempted a blog, in one form or another? I mean, this IS the internet age, and if there's the prospect of an audience, it's astonishing the sorts of things people will come up with.

That's not a sarcastic "Look at all these narcissistic idiots and their tiny problems" statement, either. I am genuinely astonished at the cleverness and creativity that the human race has poured into the Internet. Authors self publishing, web-shows, podcasts, Let's Plays, Reviews of all sorts... Sure, there's a lot of dumb stuff, but when you consider all the GOOD stuff that would otherwise never see the light of day thanks to the Internet? I'm struck by how MASSIVE a cultural impact the technology has had. Biggest thing since airplanes. Really.

...Where the heck was I?

Oh, right, blog.

Never really had much success. A lot of "wry commentary" on how I was talking to nobody, and the lack of audience and actual stuff to write just blew me out. a couple times. There were some reflections on tabletop gaming, a thing about Half Life 2, an abortive little attempt at summarizing my D&D campaign. I think there was an excerpt from my novel. Meh. Not important. The important thing is that I'm starting a New Blog!

One that will probably suffer the Same Fate As My Last One!

This is going to be a lot of things. It'll be a place for me to drop off some of the writing I do from time to time, mostly genre pieces in sci-fi and fantasy, with a couple Western comic book scripts. If I ever get them drawn, I'll probably toss them up here, Too. there'll be some reflections on things in the world, you know, the typical beard stroking kids fresh out of high-school do. Maybe I'll get into some amateur game design and worldbuilding. The point is, I'm taking a shotgun approach here - tossing a lot of buckshot at the wall and seeing what sticks.

I also fancy myself something of a writer, so any readers have that little joy to deal with.

Buckle up.

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