Sunday, August 18, 2013

Story: Dialogue

"What the hell was that?"
"That! Don't you fucking tell me you don't know what I'm talking about!"
"I-I'm sorry b-"
"You should be fucking sorry! There is no excuse for what you just did!"
"What do you mean, 'what?'"
"No, Stop, I'm really sorry, but - do I know you?"
"I don't? what - I mean, why are you...?"
"Look, it doesn't matter. You treated that woman like shit, and you owe her an apology."
"What the hell? What are you even talking about? I don't even know you, why are you getting all mad about this?"
"Because you treated that woman like shit!"
"'what woman,' do you not know her either?"
"Uh, not as such, but -"
"Then why is it your business? Get off my ass about it, I'm -"
"What, so it's nobody's business when you shout things like that in front of the whole goddamn restaurant? She's crying in there, did you know that?"
"Yeah, I guess."
"Yeah, you guess. Did you know that nobody's helping her at all? did you know that everyone else is just trying to act like she's not even there? Did you know that, fuckhead?"
"You're crazy. Piss off."
"No. I'm not going to piss off, I'm not going to shut up, and I'm not going to let this go. There is no excuse for what you said to her, and I have had it up to here with everyone in the goddamn city being so goddamn passive about every goddamn thing that happens!"
"Seriously lady, just drop it, and walk away."
"Fuck you. Go back in there, and say you're sorry."
"Fuck you. You're just storming in on me like you know absolutely everything. Do you have any idea what kind of month I've had because of her? What I just said to her? do you have any idea what she did to me?"
"What are you -"
"Look at these. All her. Caitlin and her goddamn boyfriend."
"Oh- oh my -"
"Yeah, take a long fucking look. I've got more like those than I want to count, I've got a pile of ashes for an apartment, my mom is fucking dead, and now I have some crazy bitch telling me that I'm the problem here."
"I - I..."
"Yeah? you got anything else to say to me?"
"There are things you can't say. Things you should never say."
"Fuck you."
"Yeah, maybe she's in the wrong. M-maybe you've had a hard month because of her. but you - you still can't say stuff like that. It's not right."
"Fuck. You."
"Hey... hey, come back! Come back, I..."

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