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Comic Scripts: West, Part 3

Whelp, I suppose it was only a matter of time until I missed the schedule. Gotta say, I expected to do better than TWO POSTS on time.

Blah. In any case, here's the next scene. Part four arriving in about half an hour, so Stay Tuned!

Page Seven

Panel 1: Wide shot of the saloon, with a good number of people in it. In the center, foreground, Chuck and Stacy are arguing, with Chuck just standing with his arms folded and a sour expression, but stacy giving a more impassioned posture. A few people are glancing their way, but mostly they’re talking amongst themselves. The saloon is just as run down and decrepit as the rest of town, with the shattered remains of a mirror on the wall behind the counter, and shelves with more empty bottles than full ones.

Tailless: did you hear -

Tailless: I wonder if -

Tailless: - is he going to -

Chuck: No, Stacy.

Stacy: But Pa, you -

Chuck: No, Stacy.

Stacy: You heard what that banker said, things are going to -

Panel 2: Medium shot, over Stacy’s shoulder, showcasing Chuck’s stoneface. His arms are crossed and his fists are clenched.

Chuck: NO, Stacy. Especially not with that banker in town.

Stacy: Bill is going to need serving help. He’s already said yes.

Chuck: It don’t matter what he said.  Ah said no.

Panel 3: Shift focus to the swinging doors of the saloon, with Stacy starting to turn towards them as they are flung wide by Kearn, who is visible only in silhouette, a mythic, charismatic figure. It’s an impression that contrasts with his pudginess

Stacy: Pa, look, you really need to -


Panel 4: Kearn strides confidently through the crowd. He cuts a swath through the townsfolk with his amicable grin as he approaches the bar.

Panel 5: Kearn reaches the bar, and slaps it, still smiling.

Kearn: Barkeep! I’m feeling optimistic!

Kearn: Pour out a round for the house!

Panel 6: Kearn is holding court, leaning comfortably on the bar as he languishes on the stool, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a bill in the other, carelessly handing it to the eager barkeep. Around him, people swarm to the bar, and those who already have their drinks cluster around him, eager to hear what this wizard of a newcomer has to say.

Kearn: Gentlemen, I can plainly see that I arrived not a moment too soon! While your town shows immense potential, the grips of misfortune and mismanagement have nearly extinguished its shining flame!

Kearn: Difficult times are ahead, but they shall be a crucible for the new, rising star of Boneshade!

Page Eight

Panel 1:  Crowd shot, a number of folks look concerned/thoughtful, even as some slug back their drinks and make merry.

Kearn (Off Panel): The sad truth is, however, some businesses will have to fall by the wayside. It is a sacrifice we will ALL have to make.

Kearn (Off Panel): I am HEARTBROKEN that the task of deciding which must fall to me.

Kearn (Off Panel): Above all, friends, I wish to make it clear that I wish nothing but the best for all of you, and hope to cultivate a feeling of FRIENDLINESS and GENEROSITY.

Panel 2: Close-up on the barkeep, as a thought strikes him.

Barkeep: …

Barkeep: Er, Mister Kearn, I wonder if...

Panel 3: Medium shot of kearn accepting a liquor bottle from the barkeep. the bartender has relieved, almost grateful look on his face, and while Kearn is giving his same good natured smile, there’s the edging shadow of a sly smirk as well. Some of the people nearby are visibly giving this exchange sidelong glances, whispering amongst themselves.

Barkeep: ...you might accept this bottle of our, ah, finest spirits, as a welcoming gesture?

Kearn: Ah, why, THANK YOU, my good man!

Kearn: I daresay this is EXACTLY the sort of neighborliness that Boneshade will need!

Panel 4: Slide the shot a little off to the side, where Stacy has half climbed onto the bar, mostly sitting, and is raising a still full glass with jubilance. Kearn is at the edge, looking over her with a startled confusion.

Stacy: Hear hear!

Stacy: Let’s have three cheers for Mister Kearn, and a NEW BONESHADE!

Stacy: HIP HIP -

Panel 5: As the throng of people erupt in jubilation, we can see Stacy being pulled down off the bar by the firm grip of Chuck, clamped around her forearm. Kearn is starting to lean forward. Let me know if this is too complex a shot, I can re-cut it.

Crowd: HURRAY!

Chuck: That’ll be enough, Stacy. We’re goin’ HOME.

Crowd: Hip Hip -

Crowd: HURRAY!

Crowd: Hip Hip -

Panel 6: Kearn, in turn, is leaning out to place a hand on Stacy’s shoulder. Chuck is coming dangerously close to showing an emotion, as anger flickers deep within his eyes. Stacy is looking back at Kearn with an almost pleading look.

Crowd (Off Panel): HURRAY!

Kearn: Now, now, there’s no rush, sir. Young lady, I don’t believe I -

Stacy: Stacy, sir. Stacy Quinn. I - I didn’t mean no harm, I -

Kearn: No harm done, just a little youthful exuberance, I say!

Chuck: Mister, ah would appreciate if’n you’d stay out of our -

Stacy: Mr. Kearn, Please, I’m to be hired on as a server here, but -

Chuck: Stacy -

Panel 7: Closeup as Stacy leans in close to Kearn, who has a few beads of sweat and a somewhat dumbstruck expression. She has a pleading, yet nearly seductive look on her face.

Stacy: - But my Pa wants to take me back out to the Farm!

Stacy: I’d much rather stay in town, with your valuable work and all. Can’t you try to convince him to let me stay?

Kearn: Ah... Er... well...

Page Nine

Panel 1: Shot from behind the bar, as Kearn gestures towards Chuck, who is half looking at him, half looking at the crowd of people who are enthusiastically commenting and gesticulating, with a carnival atmosphere. He has the lines of a scowl to his face, speaking of a deep and unsettling rage.

Kearn: ...Well, I mean, what do you say, My good man? Surely you wouldn’t deny your daughter this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Townie 1: Yeah, Chuck, let her stay!

Townie 2: No point in tryin’ to keep her cooped up!

Townie 3: Kearn knows what he’s talkin’ about!

Panel 2: medium closeup, catching both Kearn and Chuck, as Chuck turns to face him more.

Kearn: There’s no better time to be in Boneshade, Chuck! She’s in good hands here.

Panel 3: Closeup on Chuck, his face still creased with the beginnings of a scowl, but not in true rage yet.

Page 4: Close up on Kearn. he’s wearing the self assured, ingratiating smile, but beads of sweat are pricking out on his brow, his skin peeling a little from sunburn. This is Kearn more as Chuck sees him - a smug city man who doesn’t belong, who can’t do anything except try to change things to suit themselves.

Panel 5: Extreme closeup on Chuck’s titanic fist, clenched to white knuckles. there’s a tension here that Chuck’s just going to take Kearn’s head off with a haymaker that could stun a horse, but...

Panel 6: Large panel from in front of Chuck, walking away from the crowd and the celebrations, toward the front door. Already, it seems, his presence has been forgotten by the merrymakers, and a grateful Stacy has swept up a slightly bewildered Kearn in a close embrace.

Chuck: Fine.

Chuck: You ken have yer job.

Chuck: I’ll be back in a few days.

Chuck: Farm can’t run itself.

Page Ten

Panel 1: Chuck approaches Frank, who is mounted on the saddest horse you ever saw, near the outskirts of town. Which is to say, about thirty yards from the middle of town. Frank is turning back, a look of mild surprise on his face.

Chuck: Frank.

Frank: Oh! Er, hey there, Chuck. I thought you and Stacy were already -

Chuck: Stopped fer a drink. Stacy’s stayin’ fer a job there.

Panel 2: Chuck is walking alongside Frank now, looking straight ahead. his face is returned to its usual neutral position. Frank is still looking down at him, a little puzzled.

Frank: Really? Gee, Chuck, that’s real -

Chuck: Not mah choice. Woulda dragged her back ta the farm kickin’ an’ hollerin’, if I had it my way.

Chuck: Where’re you headed, Frank?

Panel 3: Shot from behind as they keep going along beside each other, with Frank looking out off towards the hills a ways off. a short distance away is Chuck’s wagon, with a mule harnessed up to it and a pile of sacks in the back.

Frank: ...Ah, well, just checkin’ out the hills around Benjamin’s plot. He said he thought he saw lions or somesuch movin’ around. Figgered I’d best check, at least.

Frank: It’s nothin’, like as not, but a man’s got to keep busy.

Chuck: Ayep.

Chuck: y’ask me, though, yer lookin’ fer trouble in the wrong place. Back in that Saloon. Up in Hub’s place. That’s trouble.

Frank: That so?

Panel 4: Chuck is climbing into the seat of his wagon, but glancing back over his shoulder towards Frank, who may be slightly on panel or not, as you please.

Chuck: Man like that banker. He’s the sort that don’t belong here. He’ll stir up trouble. He don’t want whut Boneshade folks want. He’s too different. We git on fine without him.
Frank: Chuck, the Town -

Chuck: We git on fine. Men keep ta their own business. That Kearn, though?

Panel 5: Frank remains in silhouette on horseback as Chuck goes riding off in the wagon, kicking up a cloud of dust in his wake.

Chuck: Seems his business is ta meddle.

Chuck: You oughta make sure you WANT his kinda business in Boneshade.

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