Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Comic Scripts: West, Part 10

From this segment on, it may be a little hard to divide up the script into chunks the way I have been. The whole story has been building to the Shootout, like westerns tend to, so breaking it up might just kill the tension. We'll see, one way or another.

As far as this section goes, there are still a couple of important pieces to move into place.

Page Ten
Panel 1: Shot of both Kearn and Cooke, with Kearn clamping his hands over his ears and his eyes clenched shut.

Cooke: I'm gonna skin you.

Kearn: Q-quiet.

Cooke: I'm gonna carve out yer eyes with SPOONS.

Kearn: I said... I said be QUIET.

Cooke: An' then? Then I'm gonna EAT 'em.

Kearn: SHUT UP.

Frank (OP): Kearn?

Panel 2: Kearn looks up, and sees Frank standing there, holding the revolver we saw on the last page.

Kearn: ...S-sheriff...

Kearn: I want – for what it's worth, I genuinely never wanted any of this. Please – you have to understand that.

Frank: It ain't worth much.

Panel 3: Close up on the gun as Frank holds it up – loosely. He's not threatening Kearn. He's showing him the gun.

Frank: But I know it. So I reckon it's worth THIS.

Panel 4: Frank tosses the gun into the cell, almost casually.

Frank: I hope you make it to court. So you'll prob'ly be needin' this.

Frank: Maybe it'll keep them desperadoes offa you.

Panel 5: medium shot on Kearn, gingerly scooping up the gun and looking at Frank, off camera.

Frank (OP): Or maybe, if you believe what Cooke's been sayin'...

Frank (OP): ...It'll prove the preferable option to bein' taken alive.

Panel 6: Frank heads out the door, leaving Kearn to hold the gun awkwardly, with the grip of a man who's hardly even seen such a thing before.

Frank: Hell. Maybe it'll solve both our problems.

Frank: Good luck, I suppose.

Page Eleven
Panel 1: Cooke and Kearn both sit in silence.

Panel 2: Cooke tries reaching out through the bars, and Kearn jerks the gun away.

Cooke: Gimme that goddamn gun.

Kearn: W-what? No.

Cooke: Yer gonna give it to me...

Panel 3: Closeup on Cooke's face, giving a nasty, bared tooth smile.

Cooke: ...Or I'm gonna crack open yer ribs an' use yer guts fer suspenders.

Panel 4: Cooke loses a good deal of his candor as the gun is leveled at him, the barrel poking in from off panel.

SFX: click

Kearn: Sh-shut up.

Panel 5: Kearn, still pointing the gun at Cooke, is starting to climb up onto the cot, which is situated directly under the barred window. He has one hand clenching a bar.

Kearn: I've had to – to lie. And cheat. And steal my way across this country.

Kearn: I'm just a banker, for god's sake. But I'm not going to let some...

Kearn: ...BARBARIAN like you scare me into giving up.

Panel 6: Kearn has both hands on the bars now – all of him that we see, pulling at the bars, with Cooke looking amused down in the background.

Cooke: Oh, so now you got some iron you think you kin bend it?

Cooke: This's a cell, fatboy. They're not known fer -

Panel 7: Closeup on Cooke shows a surprised look on his face.


Cooke: …

Page Twelve
Panel 1: Establishing shot of town, from just above main street, facing west. Out in the desert, beyond the boundary of town but not far off, are three visible specks. The Smith brothers. On Main street are Chuck, Frank, and Wyatt, facing towards them.

Caption (Cooke): “...I'll be damned.”

Chuck: Whelp. There they are. Be here 'fore too long.

Frank: I imagine so.

Panel 2: Frank is pointing up towards a rooftop, and Wyatt is starting to head in that direction, looking doubtful. Chuck is walking the other way, impassive.

Frank: Wyatt, I reckon you should perch up there. Rifle will work best. Chuck, you get yerself covered behind those barrels.

Chuck: Fine.

Wyatt: Frank, are you sure about this?

Panel 3: Distant shot of the three of them from around the corner of a building – the facing wall of which being where Stacy is lurking, listening.

Frank: Sure I'm sure.

Frank: The only thing these animals respect is GUTS. I aim to make sure they know the town's got plenty left.

Frank: Now git!

Panel 4: Shot from behind the Smith brothers. They have arrived on main street, and looking down it  are plainly focused on Frank, standing alone.

Caption (Frank): “I don't suppose they'll want to keep us waitin'...”

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